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FeX Processing

photo 1FeX Processing was established in March 2011 to assist FeX Group in processing, upgrading and blending materials to meet our mill customer’s specifications for beneficial reuse.  Our Mingo Junction Ohio facility receives materials by truck, rail, and barge where it is processed and shipped back to customers throughout the Eastern half of the US and Canada.   Material processed at this site includes recovered iron and steel from the slag off process grades A / B / C, pit scrap, tundish, skulls, and millscale.  As a byproduct of this process, FeX creates an aggregate suitable for anti-skid to treat roads for winter driving and for pipe bedding that is suitable for use by municipalities and contractors.  FeX also has the capability to handle outside screening and recovery projects for scrap yard cleanup, inner mill cleanup, slag dump remediation, and mill service for foundries.

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As part of FeX Processing expansion efforts in the recycling of metals, we now provide industrial service to manufacturers that produce metallic waste, both ferrous and non ferrous, in their manufacturing process or for demo contractors in the recovery of metal.  We also offer pickup service for oil and gas companies for collection of wood / plastic pallets, chemical totes / drums*, and metals from well pads.  Please contact our office to schedule box delivery and pickups for locations in the Steubenville, Wheeling, and Youngtsown areas.   As part of the Tri-State Recycling acquisition in 2012, we are also able to accept all types of metal, wood pallets, auto batteries, and specific grades of e-waste from the public at our recycling operation.  (Please visit    As an added convenience for our customers, FeX has teamed with the JB Green Team to accept paper and plastics in bins conveniently located on our property.  (* MSDS required)



Weirton Ore PicWeirton Ore Pic #2

2012- Fex project that reclaimed and screened over 200,000 metric tons of pellets from an integrated steel mill, handling all logistics necessary to relocate to a sister mill for beneficial reuse in their blast furnace.