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For over two decades, FeX Group has been a leading broker of commodities for the iron and steel industry, primarily in the Eastern US and Canada.   FeX has positioned itself as the premiere recycler of revert materials (slag irons, pit scrap, tundish, etc.) that come out of the iron and steel-making process.  Our products provide a high recovery of Fe material when melted and at a lower cost than most grades of scrap used in iron and steel making.  FeX specializes in customized scrap blends for our consumers to help optimize their output at the lowest possible cost.  In addition to selling and processing revert material, FeX routinely brokers iron ore, pig iron, DRI, coke, coal and millscale to both the domestic and international markets.





Advisory services are also a key part of our operations.   Our FeX Team consists of former engineers and operators of blast furnaces, EAF and BOF shops that can help optimize your production.  We also have on staff experts in briquetting and the knowledge of beneficial reuse of problematic items such as fines or smaller material that can’t be introduced into a furnace in its present state.  Finally, FeX offers logistics solutions to our customers from our years of experience shipping material around the world.   Whether it’s a truck, train, barge, container, laker vessel or ocean vessel for either domestic or international services, we can provide a solution.





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